About Me

Even as a small boy I was drawn to the night sky. When I was around ten the family optician ground a couple of lenses for me to make my own telescope, which would keep me awake for hours, pointing it out between the curtains. It wasn’t so much the objects themselves - the stars, the planets - that drew me but the patterns they made, their movement from night to night, and the questions they seem to be asking. This has been a fascination that has stayed with me throughout my life.


After school I trained as an ecologist, and worked several years in nature conservation in New Zealand, until, in 1995, I became instantly captivated by astrology from a night class at the Christchurch School of Astrology. Soon after I moved to England to study with Liz Greene, Erin Sullivan, Darby Costello and Melanie Reinhart at the Centre for Psychological Astrology (CPA) in London. After 4 years’ training I earned their Diploma in Psychological Astrology - the first to get a Distinction.

I have practised as a consulting astrologer since February 1997, and since then worked with thousands of clients. I have taught astrology for 15 years, both privately to beginner and advanced students and at the CPA. For the past 10 years I have been a teacher and tutor at the Mayo School of Astrology.


My astrological work is informed and supported by a long interest in psychology and psychotherapy. I have spent a number of years in my own therapy, and have done several years training in Process Oriented Psychology (2003-2007). This very exciting post-Jungian approach to facilitating awareness has very much has shaped my way of applying astrology with clients. 


I have used and studied the I Ching for over 30 years, seeing this as the genesis of my interest in divination and the occult. I offer I Ching consultations using yarrow stalks.


Further astrological studies have included horary astrology with the Company of Astrologers, continual research in mundane (world-focused) astrology, and slowly integrating more traditional techniques and philosophies into my understanding of and working with astrology. I am very drawn to working artistically and experientially, something inspired and supported by years of Family Constellations work. In 2013 I completed a 2 month intensive story telling course with the International School of Story Telling.


I have a deep interest in holistic health, particularly homoeopathy, having worked with Neal’s Yard Remedies in Bristol and Bath for 12 years. I am passionate about the environment, classical music, hiking, the men’s movement, Waldorf Education, poetry and stories, my four sons and making naturally-leavened bread.


After living in the UK for 12 years, I now live and practise on the Kapiti Coast, near Wellington, from where I see clients in-person from throughout New Zealand, and work extensively with clients on-line from throughout the world.


My specialities

Whilst I enjoy the rich diversity of themes and issues that arise in my practice and always respond to an individual’s needs, I am particularly drawn to working with:

  • Vocational questions - helping to answer that question “what I am called to do with this life I’m given?”

  • Love and relationship patterns

  • Spiritual concerns & crises

  • Children and Family themes, including conception & fertility

  • Creativity & creative blocks

  • Transitions, cross-roads

  • Helping with important decisions

  • Mid-life

  • Depression, soul sickness, breakdowns & spiritual emergence

  • Death & end of life

  • Addictions, eating disorders

  • Symbols of illness & body symptoms


for my astrology I draw from many teachers and other sources, including:

  • The four elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water

  • The ocean

  • Nature

  • Cycling & Hiking

  • Opera

  • The music of Gustav Mahler

  • Fairy tales

  • Waldorf education

  • Anthroposophy

  • Mysticism

  • Alchemy

  • The I Ching

  • The Tarot

  • Christ

  • Jung

  • Arnold Mindell

  • Lao Tsu

  • Poets, including Rumi, Rilke, Eliot, Hopkins, Oliver