House Cusp Table Generators

Placidus House Cusp Table Generator Christchurch.jpg

PLacidus Houses

I enjoy calculating charts by hand. While living in the UK found Raphael’s ephemeris useful to enable me to do this quickly and accurately. Now, living in New Zealand, I have become frustrated by the limited range of latitudes in Raphael’s (only 40º43’, 51º32, and 53º25’), as well as its northern hemisphere bias.

So I have developed a Cusp Generator to produce Placidus house cups at the desired interval of sidereal time and for a user-defined latitude (bearing in mind Placidus cusps fall down at higher latitudes). This generator also automatically adds six signs for southern latitudes, reducing that step when drawing southern hemisphere charts.

You may need to download the astrology glyph font ‘AstroGadget’ in order for the generator (an excel spreadsheet) to produce readable tables. Click here to do this.

Click here to download the House Cusp Generator. I hope you find it useful.


Regiomontanus Houses

This is a similar generator to the Placidus one above. Click here to download it.