Individual Readings


When may you find an astrology reading helpful?

You will probably find it useful to have a reading at any time of life, but it could be particularly helpful if you are:

  • at a turning point in your life;

  • facing an important decision and needing to choose from an array of possibilities;

  • keen for some insights into your present situation;

  • confused or unsure about your life direction;

  • wanting to get to know yourself better;

  • interested in getting the most out of your life;

  • experiencing relationship challenges;

  • feeling stuck in a repeating pattern;

  • depressed or suffering from low self-esteem;

  • wanting a bigger picture within which to view your life;

  • feeling the victim of an unforgiving fate;

  • finding this wonderful yet crazy world too much to take;

  • needing validation and some help in self-acceptance; or

  • just interested in what astrology can offer you.

A chart reading at such times can be invaluable in giving you a more objective look at your situation, helping you to reconnect with your fundamental self and individual path, and reminding you how big and multifaceted you actually are. Most profoundly, a reading will give you a sense that your life is unfolding with purpose, taking you towards something that is your very own, your ‘you-ness’.

Practice Hours

Bookings can be made from 8:45 am to 3:00pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays (NZ Times). Times outside this, including monthly Saturdays, by arrangement. See calendar on Bookings page for availability.

My consultations are done either in person or remotely over the internet (Skype, FaceTime, What’s App, Zoom etc). They generally last around 1½ hours. I will have studied the charts before we meet, keeping in mind any focus or questions that you may have specified.


In the reading I will introduce you to the very basic architecture of your birth chart, but unless you ask for it I will avoid use of astrological jargon. Although I may do much of the talking, your input through dialogue will inevitably enable you to get the most from our time together. The session will look both at who you are, as seen in the birth (natal) horoscope, and where you currently are at in your life and where the flow of your life is heading, as revealed by recent, current and future planetary movements (‘transits’, ‘progressions’ and ‘returns’) Though we may look generally at your next year or two, my readings are not specifically predictive.


I work with imagery, myth and metaphor, languages that speak directly to the soul and that can convey the complexities and subtleties of your horoscope. Through this, I seek to evoke in you direct experience of the astrology; I aim to give you a genuine ‘feel’ for your chart.


Wednesday Afternoon Clinics

I am now offering a drop-in option for regular and existing clients who may only need to see me for a short consultation. Perhaps you have a small issue to get an astrological view on, a niggling worry, a question to follow up on from a previous reading, or perhaps you are just curious for a glimpse of what’s going on in your ‘stars’ at the moment. On Wednesday Afternoons I am available for 15 minute ($40) and 30-minute ($75) sessions. Book in advance or on the day.

Your reading will be recorded, so you can re-listen to it later. This will be as an MP3 sound file, something that can easily be played on a phone or computer or car stereo, and is emailed to you via a file-sharing website. The consultation is, of course, completely confidential. 


Many choose to come for readings regularly - some for a series of weekly or fortnightly session, others 6-monthly or yearly, depending on your immediate needs and circumstances. With the astrological picture constantly changing, and your situation and inner world always evolving, I believe my astrological work is best served by regular appointments. There is the choice of 1 hour or 1½ hour appointments for follow-up readings.


What will you need to provide me with before the reading?

You will need to contact me before we meet, both to arrange the appointment and to provide me with your birth data so that I can draw up your chart. This is your date, time, and place of birth. Such as 26th July 1980, 2pm, Hamilton, New Zealand.


You may also want to specify a focus or any particular issues that you want to look at during the reading. This is not necessary, but can help me in my preparation.


Although an accurate birth time is ideal, I can work with approximate or unknown times. For these situations I also offer birth time rectification. In this, I work back from a list of key events in your life to deduce a probable time of birth. 


How do you pay?

Payment is by cash, direct deposit into my account (internet banking) or PayPal. There is a 5% surcharge for PayPal to cover their fees.


What other readings do I offer?

I enjoy sharing astrology’s wisdom and practical insight in other circumstances, including:

See the other pages in my website for more information on each of these.

Thank you so much Graham for my first astrology reading. It was the most life affirming action I could have taken after my marriage break up. You had the sensitivity and atunement to meet me where I was at; to understand how I could be the creator of such a brutal experience in my life and how to heal from it. I came away feeling I could honour the heartbreak in my life and feel empowered about what my soul is asking of me in response to my marriage breakup. This is the light I needed. I no longer feel crushed by what life was throwing at me... there is an opportunity here for me to live into my whole character as you see me through the natal chart, and that feels really healing. Graham, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Aly, New Zealand