Horary - the art of astrological divination

Horary, an astrological technique going back almost two thousand years, shows astrology almost at its most practical. The client asks a question, normally one of some gravity; the astrologer, as diviner, seeks the answer in the patterns and movement of the heavens at the time. A specific methodology is used on the astrological map drawn for that moment and, with a good symbolic attitude, an answer is obtained and often an auspicious line of action revealed.

Will the job application be successful? Am I pregnant? Will moving to Auckland be good for the family? Where is my wallet and will I find it? Should this be the last time I accept him back? - these are just some of the infinite scope of questions that horary can offer real - and often profound - help with, sometimes revealing context, the back story, and a clear sense of the way the river is flowing and what’s around the next bend. It's quite astonishing - and actually really fun - to see how apt a situation and its unfolding can be portrayed in a horary chart.

As an example, I have included a chart from my practice in these pages - a light one, but showing something of the specificity and practicality of this technique.

A question can be asked here, where I also offer guidelines on how to ask a horary questions. It may take up to a week before I can reply with the short report, and some dialogue around this may well be necessary. The cost is listed on my Prices page.



I lead an on-going bi-monthly horary group on Saturday mornings in Kapiti, wot an inter-workshop tutorial on-line - open to all - on a Thursday night. See events page.