Child readings

Being a father myself I have found it particularly useful to have the insight of astrology in the raising of my four children - each described uniquely by four entirely different birth charts.

The chart of a child gives such precious pointers on who this new being is - their basic character, talents, natural inclinations etc. - as well as how we might best parent them. As a parent I am mindful of the child’s open position at the start of a long journey, so I work with great sensitivity and respect.

I prefer to read children’s charts alongside the charts of their parents, as this gives a wider picture of the family dynamics, and can provide significant help for understanding your roles and relationships.


Children’s Reading Consultations

Readings for children (under 16) are done in person, over the phone or Skype, with one or both of the parents or carers. The consultation is one hour long. As with all my work it is recorded, so you may listen to it in the future.


Children’s Written Reports

I also offer a written report on a child’s chart. This is ideal for those wanting something tangible they can refer to throughout their child’s life, or to give to the child when they’ve grown up, or even as a gift to a family or friend with a new-born. These reports, however, though useful, accurate and sensitively written, are never a replacement for the dialogue possible in a live consultation.

Free Child’s Written Report

During July and August 2019 I will include a Free Child’s Written Report, worth $50, with every booking for a Child’s Reading.

Click here for an example of this sort of report: created for Suri Holmes, daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.