Thanks so much for the progression yesterday Graham. It gave me a huge amount of clarity and confirmation and also some useful timeframes to focus on, which is all very valuable for me at the moment.
— Amelia, New Zealand
Your inner peaceful self and spirituality balanced beautifully the sensitive nature of some of what you have to communicate.
— Mary, USA
I find your readings always helpful and accurate. It gives me an overview of the year ahead and allows me to have a bigger picture of my life and find strength to carry on with optimism. Thank you!
— Chantal, Canada
Thanks for your kind words; they are reassuring. It’s not easy being me, as I’m sure you can tell from my chart ;-). Last night’s reading was incredibly helpful and fired lots of synapses - about the past, present and future. I think I was nodding the entire time… I’ve said it before; you are really talented at what you do. You quite complex information in such an articulate and sensitive manner. And you take so much care to present the unknown so positively.
— Miriam, NZ
Thank you so much Graham for my first astrology reading. It was the most life affirming action I could have taken after my marriage break up. You had the sensitivity and atunement to meet me where I was at; to understand how I could be the creator of such a brutal experience in my life and how to heal from it. I came away feeling i could honour the heartbreak in my life and feel empowered about what my soul is asking of me in response to my marriage breakup. This is the light I needed. I no longer feel crushed by what life was throwing at me... there is an opportunity here for me to live into my whole character as you see me through the natal chart, and that feels really healing. Graham, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Aly, New Zealand
We are all very blessed to have you as your guidance and interpretation and conscientiousness are wonderful !!
— Rebecca, New Zealand
It was very good to meet you and really a pleasure to have someone talk about me with such sensitivity and perception and who can articulate it so well. I really value that! I have listened to the reading every now and then over the last few days and have felt quite moved.
— Grace, England
Thank-you for the added reading on finances – I do appreciate it. I listened back to the recording of the reading we had and it is sooooo good – I feel in awe of the information that can be gleaned from reading the constellations – especially when done with your supra-sensory acuity :)
— Emily, New Zealand
I think you bring something very special to your work Graham. It certainly isn’t just having a deep familiarity with the components - I imagine you are in that ‘knowing field’ too
— Sonia, Australia
Transcribed the session today into my journal - it is amazing, exciting, daunting, take-a-big-breath stuff. Felt you were spot on, and I will go forth with courage and excitement. Your gift is truly amazing and I appreciate the insights.
— Sally, New Zealand
Thank you so much for the reading. I really enjoyed it and found it very informative, I’m amazed at how much information you give that is completely spot on!
— Claire, UK
I get a tremendous amount from the sessions, and benefit from your insightful and compassionate approach.
— Isabella, Spain