A New Map For Aoteroa/New Zealand?

The Case for an astrology chart for Cook’s arrival

This article, prepared for the journal of the Astrological Foundation Incorporated, and based on a lecture given at The Making of the One Thing conference in Auckland in December 2018, shares evidence for an important new mundane chart for New Zealand/Aoteroa based on the arrival on land of Captain James Cook in 1769 - and just in time for the 250th anniversary!


A brief description of the most commonly used mundane charts for New Zealand is given. A new map is proposed, drawn for the first footfall of the colonial power on New Zealand soil when the British Captain Cook landed from The Endeavour on late afternoon of the 8th October 1769 in Poverty Bay. The confusion around dating this landing is discussed, and a justification for the unorthodox choice of the astronomically ‘incorrect’ date proposed. A few key rectification events are outlined, and evidence of the chart’s efficacy given.


Since first starting my studies in mundane astrology I have been slightly unsatisfied with the charts generally used by astrologers for New Zealand. This dissatisfaction comes from a vague or debatable choice of moment for which to cast the chart, a lack of symbolic radicality, as well as their capacity to ‘work’ - to show sensitivity to historic events…

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The Christchurch Shootings - an astrological analysis


This article explores the astrology of the Christchurch mosque shootings on the 15th March 2019 from various directions, including transits to the charts of Christchurch, New Zealand and the Prime Minster, Jacinda Ardern, and through an analysis of the event chart itself. Taking the latter as the chart of an acute flare-up of a chronic collective/social ‘disease’ an attempt at a ‘diagnosis’ is made, and ‘remedy’ suggested. 


The worst incidence of mass shooting in New Zealand’s history were carried out early in the afternoon of Friday 15th March 2019 at two mosques in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand when the worshipers were at prayer. Fifty people were killed, and another 50 wounded, many seriously…. click here to see the full article

Astrological Maps for Christchurch City, New Zealand

Astrological Maps for Christchurch City, New Zealand

Two astrological charts for Christchurch City, New Zealand, and their historical background and discussed, and their sensitivity to some recent and historical events outlined. Both are shown to be of relevance, with the ‘First Four Ships’ chart of the 16th December 1850 favoured slightly by virtue of being the older and more sensitive to directions.

Shocking news: A major earthquake for Wellington in the coming two years?

Shocking news: A major earthquake for Wellington in the coming two years?

Shocking news: A major earthquake in the Wellington area in the period 2018-2020?

Graham Ibell, July 2018


I consider the astrological evidence for their being a sizeable and destructive earthquake in the Wellington region, New Zealand, that would have significant physical and social impact in the coming five years. Without being able to be definitive, I propose that the next two or three years are arguably the most likely for such an earthquake, citing the months around January 2019 as particularly significant. Locating it to a specific region is difficult, but its impact on Wellington city itself is suggested. Philosophical impediments to such predictive work are also discussed.

A rectified birth time for Jacinda Ardern, prime minister of New Zealand


The election of Jacinda Ardern as New Zealand’s 40th Prime Minister, the nation’s third female and the youngest in over 150 years, has brought excitement for many within New Zealand as well as beyond these shores. Given her central importance for domestic political affairs it’s only natural that local astrologers are keen to explore her horoscope. Currently, with only her birth date and place known, this is limited to a flat chart, defaulting, in the absence of a birth time, to midday or sunrise. This is inadequate for most levels of predictive work as well as for gaining a fuller picture of her psychological make-up. In this article I outline an attempt at a rectification of her birth time, based predominantly on a limited number of important and publicly-known life events. A time of 1:59pm on the 26th July 1980 in Hamilton is proposed. Whilst a rectified chart from a completely unknown birth time is always highly speculative, I argue that this chart fits her personality, situation and biography, and as such, and in the absence of clean data from herself or her family, I suggest it could be used as her chart. The chart of the commencement of her office is briefly explored, and a few future directions flagged.


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The Pike River Mining Accident

Written on 22nd November 2010

With the tragic mine explosion on New Zealand’s West Coast on my mind, I thought it would be interesting to explore some of the astrology of the event, looking particularly at its connection with the New Zealand chart, as well as with previous mining disasters in the country.

The explosion happened at about 3:30 pm on Friday 19th November 2010, in an underground coal mine about 50 km NE of Greymouth, West Coast, leaving 29 miners trapped at least 1.5 km in from the mine’s entrance. At the time of writing, a rescue has not yet been attempted, for fear of explosive gases which continue to accumulate in the mine. It is no known if the miners have survived the explosion or the entrapment.


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The Horoscope as Childhood Dream: the birth chart of the Research Society of Process Oriented Psychology

Written March 2011


In this article I propose and investigate the use of the astrological birth chart as another ‘take’ on the underlying/organising myth, or ‘childhood dream’, of an organisation, using as an example the chart of the founding meeting of the Research Society of Process Oriented Psychology (RSPOP). Connections between this chart and those of some of the significant figures in the lineage of the organisation are highlighted and their significance explored. Some significant ‘showings’ of the childhood dream in the organisation are connected with appropriate symbolism in this birth chart. The chart is shown to be relevant in giving a new perspective on understanding the development and growth of the organisation through time, thus showing the horoscope’s potential for understanding, managing and even ‘healing’ organisations.

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A Sense of Place - a contribution from Astro-Cartography

This paper, written by Dr Damian Ruth of Massey University in Wellington and myself for the 2010 OIL conference (Organisation, Identity and Locality - Critical Studies of Management and Organisation in Aotearoa/New Zealand), explores the value of an astro-cartographical perspective on identity and locale. It addresses the criteria for validating knowledge, provides two illustrations of astro-cartography in practice, and concludes that there is a reasonable case for considering the contribution of astrological knowledge for the making of meaning in a post-modern world. It connects to the work of critical management theorists, as well to the aesthetic, linguistic and spiritual turns in management theory. The paper also addresses how we create spaces, and in the context of the metaphor of mapping in management, particularly  strategy, it suggests that the symbolism of astrology has a much to offer in exploring our theories of identity, location and purpose.

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A Tale of Two Cities: Birth charts for Wellington and Auckland, Part I

Part 1: Wellington

March 2010

Having cut my astrological teeth in Bristol, UK, I was always intrigued by the horoscope of the city. In it I found a reflection of the warmth of the city (stellia in Leo and Aries), its pride, the tolerance and forward-thinking nature (Sun-con-Ura), its north-south split (Gemini rising), and its recent renaissance (Uranus transiting through Aquarius, opposing the Leo stellium and across the MC).

Moving back to New Zealand a couple of years ago, I became interested in the mundane charts relevant to this country. After the charts of New Zealand herself

I was interested in the chart of the city I’d chosen to settle in: Wellington. My enquiries in the small astrological community here yielded nothing, so I started my own research. This has lead me to an on-going fascination with New Zealand’s mundane astrology, in particular the charts of our cities.

In this two-part article I will introduce the birth charts of the two major New Zealand cities - very different from one another despite their birth in the same year - give evidence of their aptness, and explore some future transits.

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(this part first appeared in the New Zealand Journal Of Astrology Issue 2010 no.1 - see www.astrologyfoundation.org.nz)

A Tale of Two Cities: Birth charts for Auckland and Wellington, Part II

Part 2: Auckland

January 2011

Concluding this two part tale, I discuss the birth charts of Auckland, including a newly-prosed and highly radical one, and another to mark its recent restructuring to a ‘Super City’.

Auckland’s Foundation Chart

With the recent establishment of an Auckland ‘Super-City’ this is a fascinating time to be discussing the astrology of New Zealand’s largest city. Certainly the chart that this new phase in Auckland’s evolution brings is significant, and will be discussed, but I will start with Auckland’s more primary and better-known horoscope, that based on its founding in 1840.

In 1839 Captain William Hobson, the recently appointed Lieutenant-Governor of New Zealand, was sent out to New Zealand to direct the purchase of land. Arriving on the 29th January 1940 in Russell (now celebrated as Auckland’s Anniversary Day), he immediately began drafting the Treaty of Waitangi. After gathering Treaty signatures from around the Bay of Islands, he spent time looking for sites for a suitable capital city on the Waitemata Harbour. On arriving there on the 21st February 1840 he immediately found the area ideal. And so, hastened by a counter-claim by Wellington, he declared the new capital would be built there. He named the place Auckland, after George Eden, the first Earl of Auckland.

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(this part first appeared in the New Zealand Journal Of Astrology Issue 2010 no.3 - see www.astrologyfoundation.org.nz)