Astrological Symbolism in Horse Racing, an example: The 8 o'clock at Franklin

I’m not a betting man - honestly. But I’ve been captivated by the technique of the late British astrologer, John Addey, as outlined in John Frawley’s Sports Astrology, for - quite simply - predicting the winner of a horse race. It’s been many a Friday of late that I’ve dragged my kids into the TAB to place my $1 bets. Though I still need to get the helpful staff to talk me through the process, I’m getting the hang of it, and my horses have won more than they’ve lost. And this is with no knowledge of the ‘sport’ whatsoever.

Here I’m going to show you briefly the technique applied to my latest triumph.

Which actually involved me not placing a bet! Having decided on my horse from the comfort of my ephemeris (I restrict myself to one race, perhaps so I can convince myself I’m not actually doing it at all) I raced up to the TAB only to realise that I’d forgotten my wallet. I falsely interpreted that as a sign that my choice wasn’t a good one.

But, alas no (and perhaps this sounds like the horse equivalent of the fisherman’s tale) my boy came in first!

How did I do it?

Well, Addey’s technique is to draw the chart for the time of the race, using Campanushouse cusps. This choice of house system is important, as we’re going to be using the 5th house cusp, which can differ markedly with different house systems.

Then, keeping all planets of the chart stationary, move the 5th house cusp forward (anti-clockwise) to find the planet that this cusp first makes an aspect to. The can be any aspect, from the powerful conjunction down to one of the subtler aspects, such as a decile (36º). This can make them hard to spot, so I’ve developed a spreadsheet aspectarian to help.

When it comes to planets, you can include the whole line-up of minor planets as well. To keep it simple, I am using only the traditionals, the outer-planets, the four largest asteroids and Chiron.

Quite simply this planet - the one that the 5th house makes its first aspect to - reveals the race winner, by name association.

So should the 5th house make it’s first aspect to Mars, we might choose Ruffianfrom the list. We can also bring in the sign or house placement of this planet, thus we might select Gallant Foxfor Mercury (ruling the wily fox) in Libra, War Admiralfor Mars in Capricorn or Best Palfor Sun in the 11th house.

In practice, this isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds, and Frawley’s book is a good one for discussing the challenges as well as some worked examples.

But here’s Friday’s victory:

The star map for the beginning of Race 5 at the Franklin Trots in Auckland, 8pm on Friday 19th August 2012

The chart shows the 5th house cusp being at 21º11’ of Cancer. According to my aspectarian the first planet that this cusp would aspect is Jupiter in Gemini, ruler of the 10th and 1st houses, by a nonile (40º). The orb is a little over 1.5º

And below is the field that I was to chose from:

My decision was made in seconds: Sovereign Faith. Jupiter is the planet of Faith, and the 10th house (which it rules in this chart) is of the monarch or supreme ruler.

And it was proved right!

The Field - the list of the names of the horses in the race.

The Field - the list of the names of the horses in the race.

It was actually the favourite, but I didn’t know this at the time. Generally the odds wouldn’t affect my choice anyway. It did only pay $1.70, so even if I had taken my wallet I wouldn’t be rich. But there’s always a warm feeling when astrology proves its symbolic power again.

I often question the morality of what I’m doing, and worry about my kids witnessing my vice, but I justify this minor addiction as important research. And it is - honestly!


[For those interested in exploring this technique and other ideas associated with Sport & Astrology, come along to Friday’s Salon]