Horary Question

On this form you can send me a horary question. Please think carefully about how you ask it: ideally it needs to be closed, able to be answered with an affirmative or negative, even though the answer will always be more nuanced that that. An exception might be lost item or animal, such as “where is Felix”. Although implicit in this question is “…and (when) will I get him back?”. Please include some context or background behind the question. Even then, I may need to ask for more information or encourage a rethinking on, or a reframing of, the question..

Inherent in classical Horary technique is an in-built ethical framework of ‘strictures’. As with all significant divinatory traditions occasionally the ‘gods’ won’t speak; in this case I will tell you I am unable to answer the question at this time and you will not be charged.

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Please include your question stated clearly and succinctly here, and a paragraph or two of context.