House Salons


For a party or gathering with a difference…

Next time you organise a party, group meeting or gathering of friends you might like to try something a bit different: short astrology readings for each of the guests and an introductory talk. This is a great opportunity to bring something personal, insightful and inspiring to your next soiree.

The 30-minute interactive presentation to the whole group at the beginning could be only anything that you - the host - would like: introducing astrology, talking on a topical subject, a light tour through the 12 signs of the zodiac, my latest research, a Q&A session - the sky’s your limit!

This could be a separate event or something you fit into a planed gathering, such as a reunion, a family or Christmas party, a wedding, a ritual or group meeting, or a corporate event. Guests take it in turns to have a short horoscope reading while everyone else eats , drinks and socialises.

A few necessary details:

  • liaison with a single host

  • the birth details gathered by the host beforehand

  • a separate relatively quiet room for the readings

  • those receiving the reading would need to be reasonably sober!

  • minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 readings, 10 minutes each and 5 per hour

  • start time before 7:30pm

  • $100 deposit

The Cost: $500 for the session (host to pay in single payment) or $100 (host) plus $50/reading (guest to pay), minimum of 6 readings. An additional fee may be required to cover larger travel distances.

Get in touch with me to discuss this further and to make your booking.