Light and Shadow

15-16 June 2018

This weekend we will be using astrology and the mandala of the birth chart, with its implicit message of wholeness, to shed light on our shadows - that in ourselves of which we are in denial, judging, fearful, disconnected, ashamed etc. - and to help us move beyond polarised thinking. Whilst astrology makes no judgements - nothing in a chart is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ -  it can be invaluable in helping understand why we choose to deny aspects of ourselves, pointing to paths of integration or consciousness, and enabling us to step into our wholeness.

Pisces constellation.jpg

Light and Shadow and the World Soul

The 2000-year Piscean Age, symbolised by two fish swimming against each other, has been characterised by a splitting of light and dark. Now, in its closing phases, we can blatantly see the result of this intense polarising in our deeply troubled world. In order to transition into the Aquarian Age, we are tasked with finding the consciousness soul within, that which can hold the tension without taking sides or being torn apart. Not easy work. But never before has it been more pressing for us to acknowledge and bridge our dual natures, light & dark, conscious & unconscious, tame and wild.

More imminent and pressing than the end of the Age of the Fish, we are facing the closing cycle of Saturn and Pluto, both planets strongly associated with shadow themes. Their cycle links closely with wars, fuelled by the projection of evil onto an enemy. In anticipation of this 31-37 year cycle closing over 2019-20 it’s crucial that we all do our own shadow-work, and avoid conjuring up individuals (eg. Trump) or groups to carry our shadow. And this means facing up to who we really are - our light, our dark and everything in between!


The Content

Sessions will include: some psychological background; the Sun-Moon dyad; hard aspects, projection and the shadow; and Saturn, Pluto and their cycles. Dreamwork, experiential astrology, vision & nature encounters, and case studies will be involved. Star-gazing is planned.

The sessions will centre around your own birth chart, enabling you to apply the learning directly and personally, and to come away with an excitement about who you are in your wholeness. In the relaxed atmosphere there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion, and, if you choose, opportunities to have your own horoscope workshopped. Drawing deeply on mytho-poetic and spiritual streams, my style is warm, encouraging, informative and inspiring.

Whilst previous knowledge of astrology would be useful, beginners are very welcome. A pre-retreat class or parallel session introducing the basics will be offered. Astrology is a language that speaks to all at some level, so it can be quick to pick up the essentials for this work.


The venue

Riverslea Retreat Centre is situated on the Otaki Gorge Road, about 10 km inland from Otaki towards the Tararua Ranges. This is about an hour’s drive from either Wellington or Palmerston North.

The Centre, set in native bush above the Otaki River, houses 6 generously sized rooms sleeping between 2 and 8 people. The spacious workshop room has a cosy log fire. There are delightful sheltered places to soak in the sun, lush native bush with glow-worms, and walkways to the river and swimming holes.

All meals will be provided by Riverslea,.Their delicious homemade food will be vegetarian, from organic and locally-sourced ingredients.

There will be early morning yoga sessions both days.



$525 for the whole weekend. This includes all accommodation, food and tuition. Early Bird price: book by the end of February and the cost is $475.. Payment options might be available.

A minimum deposit of $100 will secure your place, all but $50 of which is refundable if you withdraw more than 4 weeks from the retreat. As there are only 16 places, make sure you book early.

Don’t forget - this shadow work is important! It truly is World Work. It’s arguably the most important thing we can do towards peace and healing, for ourselves, our loved ones and this troubled world.