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On-Line Introduction to Astrology, Module 1

A 7-week course for beginners

More and more people are turning to astrology to make sense of their lives and our slightly crazy but amazing world. Learning astrology will open your eyes to a whole other way of understanding life, and help you to better know and accept yourself, your friends and your family.

Module 2 involves an in-depth exploration of the planets, the actors in the horoscopic drama. A further 5 modules, planned for later in the year, will complete the fundamentals of horoscopy.

This on-line class gives you a chance to start exploring the exciting world of astrology no matter where you live, without too large a commitment. You will have the guidance and live teaching from an experienced professional, and interaction with fellow students from all around the globe. We’ll be using Zoom, a web-based video conference facility - free to download and easy to use.

Attendance at each session is highly recommended, but sessions will be recorded if something comes up and you have to miss one.

The beauty of an on-line course is that it’s open to everyone who has access to the internet, no matter where you live! The classes will be on Mondays 7-8:30pm in NZ local time. Currently this means starting at 8am on Tuesday mornings in UK time or 12:00am (midnight!) on Tuesday morning PDT.

Cost NZ$175. Payment by PayPal possible (with small additional fee) else bank transfer into NZ account.

Please send me an email here to make a booking, register your interest, or ask for more information.