Crossing the Divide:

bridging Self, Community and Cosmos in an unstable world

An Astrology Retreat

30 July - 1 August 2010

Over the last year several significant planetary cycles have been building to a co-ordinated crescendo, the first such ‘gathering’ for over 40 years. All the slower-moving planets except Neptune are in significant geometric alignment over 2010, peaking - and joined by catalyst Mars - at the very end of July. Such a configuration signifies deep challenge and enforced change at both the global and personal fronts; the early 1930s and the mid 1960s were the two previous periods with similar alignments; in some ways these were less dynamic and explosive.

As these planetary gods come together in cosmic conversation, so too should we: here is an opportunity to tune into the planetary dance, integrate its offering into our own lives and, in doing so, do our bit to help the collective cope with, and learn from, the tremendous challenges and opportunities offered at these times.

The Cardinal T-Cross on the Saturday morning of the retreat

The Retreat

To this aim I will be running a retreat over the weekend in which these cycles culminate. Through these three days we will build up an understanding of this complex planetary picture, from intellectual, felt, embodied and intuitive perspectives. Expect to be changed by the experience!

The retreat will run from 7:00pm (registration from 6:00pm) Friday 30th July to 4:00pm Sunday 1st August. It will be held at the Saddle Creek Farm Retreat in Reikorangi, near Waikanae.


The Content

Having a whole weekend in which to converse with the planets is a real treat. This space, as well as the physical environment of the settling, makes it possible for us to really bring to life the potentials and powers inherent in this T-cross: through active imagination, music, story and myth, a vision walk, meditation and astrodrama - in which the planetary gods are embodied and their stories told.

This right brain approach will be complemented with a thorough examination of the planetary cycles that constitute the T-cross, an historical analysis, and a look at key mundane (national or political ) charts that are triggered by it. We will also take a step back and ask what might it all mean for the evolution of humanity and God.

There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion, and also time to look at each of our own horoscopes, gleaning what this simulating configuration could unearth in our own lives. Weather permitting, we will do some star- and planet-spotting in the evenings.

No previous knowledge of astrology is presumed, so beginners are welcomed - as are experienced astrologers. Astrology offers a language that speaks to all.


Saddle Creek Farm is situated in the Reikorangi Valley about 7 km inland from Waikanae, and roughly 60km north of Wellington.The Retreat is on a 55-acre farm, with streams and a beautiful bush valley offering numerous walks and views.

The accommodation is simple and comfortable: there is a mixture of double and single beds spread over six bedrooms, two bathrooms, two toilets and three showers. All bedding except duvet/sleeping bad will be provided. There is a large living room with log fire, a good-sized meeting room, and full kitchen facilities. Outside there are plenty of places to soak in the sun, and an outdoor bath for star-gazers.

The food provided will be vegetarian and, where possible, organic. You will be expected to lend a hand in the running of the retreat, which helps to build community as well as keep costs low.

Solar System.jpg


$295 for the whole weekend (early bird discounted price of $265 if the full fee is received by the 17th July). This includes all accommodation, food and tuition.

Please send a deposit of $75 to secure your place. As there are only 10 places, make sure you book early.