A Tale of Two Cities: Birth charts for Auckland and Wellington, Part II

Part 2: Auckland

January 2011

Concluding this two part tale, I discuss the birth charts of Auckland, including a newly-prosed and highly radical one, and another to mark its recent restructuring to a ‘Super City’.

Auckland’s Foundation Chart

With the recent establishment of an Auckland ‘Super-City’ this is a fascinating time to be discussing the astrology of New Zealand’s largest city. Certainly the chart that this new phase in Auckland’s evolution brings is significant, and will be discussed, but I will start with Auckland’s more primary and better-known horoscope, that based on its founding in 1840.

In 1839 Captain William Hobson, the recently appointed Lieutenant-Governor of New Zealand, was sent out to New Zealand to direct the purchase of land. Arriving on the 29th January 1940 in Russell (now celebrated as Auckland’s Anniversary Day), he immediately began drafting the Treaty of Waitangi. After gathering Treaty signatures from around the Bay of Islands, he spent time looking for sites for a suitable capital city on the Waitemata Harbour. On arriving there on the 21st February 1840 he immediately found the area ideal. And so, hastened by a counter-claim by Wellington, he declared the new capital would be built there. He named the place Auckland, after George Eden, the first Earl of Auckland.

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(this part first appeared in the New Zealand Journal Of Astrology Issue 2010 no.3 - see www.astrologyfoundation.org.nz)