Shocking news: A major earthquake for Wellington in the coming two years?


I consider the astrological evidence for their being a sizeable and destructive earthquake in the Wellington region, New Zealand, that would have significant physical and social impact in the coming five years. Without being able to be definitive, I propose that the next two or three years are arguably the most likely for such an earthquake, citing the months around January 2019 as particularly significant. Locating it to a specific region is difficult, but its impact on Wellington city itself is suggested. Philosophical impediments to such predictive work are also discussed.


I was employed by a client early in 2018 to provide a report on the likelihood of a significant and destructive earthquake hitting the lower half of the North Island. My client is in the process of setting up a highly complex and involved project 200km from his current base in Wellington. His interest in the possibility and most likely timing for an earthquake comes from the impact this would have on completing his project given resulting severe infrastructure disruptions, and thus my report could affect how he manages the project. Despite his main interest being in the coming few years, I extended my research up to 2050 in brief, and up to 2030 in more detail. This article summaries my findings for the coming five years.

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