Astrological Maps for Christchurch City, New Zealand

Two astrological charts for Christchurch City, New Zealand, and their historical background and discussed, and their sensitivity to some recent and historical events outlined. Both are shown to be of relevance, with the ‘First Four Ships’ chart of the 16th December 1850 favoured slightly by virtue of being the older and more sensitive to directions.


Christchurch is New Zealand’s second city and the largest in the South Island. Although at least two charts for it are already in circulation amongst mundane astrologers, recent events, on top of the major earthquake that struck the city eight years ago, demand a more formal record of these. In this short article I will discuss both charts and show them ‘working’ - that is revealing relevant symbolism through natal placements and key directions - against key features of, and events within, the city. One in particular proves an historically apt, symbolically sympathetic and event-sensitive map. I trust it will encourage further research.

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