Shocking news: A major earthquake for Wellington in the coming two years?

Shocking news: A major earthquake for Wellington in the coming two years?

Shocking news: A major earthquake in the Wellington area in the period 2018-2020?

Graham Ibell, July 2018


I consider the astrological evidence for their being a sizeable and destructive earthquake in the Wellington region, New Zealand, that would have significant physical and social impact in the coming five years. Without being able to be definitive, I propose that the next two or three years are arguably the most likely for such an earthquake, citing the months around January 2019 as particularly significant. Locating it to a specific region is difficult, but its impact on Wellington city itself is suggested. Philosophical impediments to such predictive work are also discussed.

A rectified birth time for Jacinda Ardern, prime minister of New Zealand


The election of Jacinda Ardern as New Zealand’s 40th Prime Minister, the nation’s third female and the youngest in over 150 years, has brought excitement for many within New Zealand as well as beyond these shores. Given her central importance for domestic political affairs it’s only natural that local astrologers are keen to explore her horoscope. Currently, with only her birth date and place known, this is limited to a flat chart, defaulting, in the absence of a birth time, to midday or sunrise. This is inadequate for most levels of predictive work as well as for gaining a fuller picture of her psychological make-up. In this article I outline an attempt at a rectification of her birth time, based predominantly on a limited number of important and publicly-known life events. A time of 1:59pm on the 26th July 1980 in Hamilton is proposed. Whilst a rectified chart from a completely unknown birth time is always highly speculative, I argue that this chart fits her personality, situation and biography, and as such, and in the absence of clean data from herself or her family, I suggest it could be used as her chart. The chart of the commencement of her office is briefly explored, and a few future directions flagged.


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A Tale of Two Cities: Birth charts for Wellington and Auckland, Part I

Part 1: Wellington

March 2010

Having cut my astrological teeth in Bristol, UK, I was always intrigued by the horoscope of the city. In it I found a reflection of the warmth of the city (stellia in Leo and Aries), its pride, the tolerance and forward-thinking nature (Sun-con-Ura), its north-south split (Gemini rising), and its recent renaissance (Uranus transiting through Aquarius, opposing the Leo stellium and across the MC).

Moving back to New Zealand a couple of years ago, I became interested in the mundane charts relevant to this country. After the charts of New Zealand herself

I was interested in the chart of the city I’d chosen to settle in: Wellington. My enquiries in the small astrological community here yielded nothing, so I started my own research. This has lead me to an on-going fascination with New Zealand’s mundane astrology, in particular the charts of our cities.

In this two-part article I will introduce the birth charts of the two major New Zealand cities - very different from one another despite their birth in the same year - give evidence of their aptness, and explore some future transits.

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(this part first appeared in the New Zealand Journal Of Astrology Issue 2010 no.1 - see