Astrological Maps for Christchurch City, New Zealand

Astrological Maps for Christchurch City, New Zealand

Two astrological charts for Christchurch City, New Zealand, and their historical background and discussed, and their sensitivity to some recent and historical events outlined. Both are shown to be of relevance, with the ‘First Four Ships’ chart of the 16th December 1850 favoured slightly by virtue of being the older and more sensitive to directions.

A Tale of Two Cities: Birth charts for Wellington and Auckland, Part I

Part 1: Wellington

March 2010

Having cut my astrological teeth in Bristol, UK, I was always intrigued by the horoscope of the city. In it I found a reflection of the warmth of the city (stellia in Leo and Aries), its pride, the tolerance and forward-thinking nature (Sun-con-Ura), its north-south split (Gemini rising), and its recent renaissance (Uranus transiting through Aquarius, opposing the Leo stellium and across the MC).

Moving back to New Zealand a couple of years ago, I became interested in the mundane charts relevant to this country. After the charts of New Zealand herself

I was interested in the chart of the city I’d chosen to settle in: Wellington. My enquiries in the small astrological community here yielded nothing, so I started my own research. This has lead me to an on-going fascination with New Zealand’s mundane astrology, in particular the charts of our cities.

In this two-part article I will introduce the birth charts of the two major New Zealand cities - very different from one another despite their birth in the same year - give evidence of their aptness, and explore some future transits.

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(this part first appeared in the New Zealand Journal Of Astrology Issue 2010 no.1 - see