A New Map For Aoteroa/New Zealand?

The Case for an astrology chart for Cook’s arrival

This article, prepared for the journal of the Astrological Foundation Incorporated, and based on a lecture given at The Making of the One Thing conference in Auckland in December 2018, shares evidence for an important new mundane chart for New Zealand/Aoteroa based on the arrival on land of Captain James Cook in 1769 - and just in time for the 250th anniversary!


A brief description of the most commonly used mundane charts for New Zealand is given. A new map is proposed, drawn for the first footfall of the colonial power on New Zealand soil when the British Captain Cook landed from The Endeavour on late afternoon of the 8th October 1769 in Poverty Bay. The confusion around dating this landing is discussed, and a justification for the unorthodox choice of the astronomically ‘incorrect’ date proposed. A few key rectification events are outlined, and evidence of the chart’s efficacy given.


Since first starting my studies in mundane astrology I have been slightly unsatisfied with the charts generally used by astrologers for New Zealand. This dissatisfaction comes from a vague or debatable choice of moment for which to cast the chart, a lack of symbolic radicality, as well as their capacity to ‘work’ - to show sensitivity to historic events…

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