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An Astrology Retreat with Christine Broadbent, Graham Ibell and Greer Sweetman

3 - 5 May 2019, Bella Rakha Retreat Centre, Oratia, Auckland.

Astrology is normally learned through the intellect, whether it’s on-line, through books or classes or in conversations. Rarely do we have a chance to drop into a feeling sense of the zodiac signs, experience the planets directly in the body, encounter meaningful astrology always alive in the world that we move through.

In this exciting retreat, experienced astrologers Christine Broadbent (Australia) and Graham Ibell (NZ), assisted by Greer Sweetman, will be midwifing a journey into a direct astrological experience; one in which you will learn or deepen your astrology via movement, sensations, embodiment, dreams, synchronicities, conversations, subtle awareness, the imagination - in fact through all six senses!

Always aiming to equip you with an accurate, nuanced and useful relationship to astrological symbol, and through working directly out of your own birth chart, we will help you to come away with a new relationship with astrology, and a feeling of being more alive to yourself and the world. Embodied astrology offers you a wonder-ful way of enriching your astrology, making it deeply felt and relevant to the soul.

So, come on this journey into astrology through direct experience, in this luxurious opportunity to spend a whole weekend living and breathing astrology. Making full use of the sacred beauty of the surroundings, you will be opened to a new way to live your birth chart and its uniqueness. Learning will be dynamic, fun, inspired and informative, within an intimate and well-held space, and plenty of time for stimulating conversations with other astrological pilgrims.

Perfect for adventurous beginners and intermediate students alike, this weekend promises to be an unforgettable encounter - with yourself, with others and with the world.

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Bella Rakha is a Retreat Centre situated in Oratia at the foot of the Waitakere Ranges. It was the venue for the highly successful astrology conference, The Making of the One Thing, in December 2018. The Retreat Centre buildings are set in 32 acres of gorgeous park-like grounds with a mixture of native bush, open spaces and quiet secluded groves.

Accommodation is in twin-share rooms; depending on numbers you may be sharing with another astrologer or have the room to yourself. Our talented chef is used to catering for a variety of different diets, but do let us know if you have specific requirements.

Full Residential cost: $500 all inclusive, if $100 deposit received by 23rd March, else $560 (please enquire for Non-Residential options)

To enquire or make your booking, email Christine


Christine Broadbent is a consulting astrologer, writer and teacher in Oz and NZ. She inspired and convened the 2018 Auckland Astrology Conference, and is astrological columnist for Australian WellBeing magazine. Supported by her recent postgrad research on astrology as celestial magic, Christine guides clients and students to mistress their chart – loving and being led by their own astro-dynamics.  Embodying our astrological shades of light and dark, she sees as the healing path. For more see her website and facebook page.


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